Types of computer equipment

Don’t know the difference between a laptop and a desktop computer? A friend bought a tablet and you have no idea what it is? This article will clarify things for you about the types of computer equipment. If you are interested: Sell IT Equipment


The personal computer, or PC, is the type of computer we all know well. There are still debates about which model was first; it seems that the favorite in this field is the IBM PC / XT of 1981, which established universal standards.


A great dominator in recent decades, it is now fading into the shadows with the expansion of mobile devices. In short, the desktop computer is a classic desktop PC: stationary, with a separate monitor, a keyboard and a mouse connected.

Tablet / phablet

The tablet is a type of computer that has become popular recently, although the first models existed much earlier. The idea of a laptop that can be held in one hand and operated with the other was used by Microsoft as early as 2001.

Laptop / Notebook computer, ultrabook

These are well known types of laptops. The names laptop and notebook are used interchangeably, while the term ultrabook refers to high-end devices, characterized by high efficiency

Smartphone, smartbook

A smartphone is today the most personal electronic device of any human being. Connect the phone to a computer, camera and video camera, usually operated by touch

How to disinfect computer equipment?

Viruses are harmful to humans but also to computers. Malware can delete or steal data, send malicious spam, affect the operation of your computer and even create botnets, i.e. groups of infected hosts, among other things.

In the case of diseases, we usually say that prevention is better than cure. A similar principle should also apply with regard to computer viruses. You should remember to install antivirus software and update it regularly. The use of data carriers from an unreliable source should also be avoided.

How is computer equipment recycled?

The massive use of computer equipment in the world generates a large amount of electronic waste, so electronic recycling has recently become a very important issue of environmental protection.
Electrical waste belongs to the group of hazardous waste due to the content of several toxic components. They can cause diseases and poisoning and contaminate soil and crops.

For the recycling of electronic and electrical waste, mechanical treatment and physical separation are most often used. These methods are simple and associated with low environmental impact.

The first step is to dismantle the devices and divide their individual elements into groups such as metals, plastics, paper, wood, glass, electronic components or hazardous waste. Some of the elements can be reused or recycled. The elements containing metals are subjected to fragmentation and subsequent physical treatment, as well as hydrometallurgical processes.

How to protect the computer equipment?

By investing relatively little, you can avoid large losses. All you need is a good surge protector and grounding at the socket. Year after year, we surround ourselves with more and more electronic equipment in our homes and offices. To reduce energy consumption and further protect the equipment, manufacturers are introducing new solutions, remember to consult with your trusted technician so that your equipment is not left unprotected.


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