Red Wine Glasses

Do you love a good wine? Do you like to receive your guests with a good glass? Well, before launching yourself into the first ones, it is necessary that you have in mind the different wine glasses you can use. Yes, although this may seem a bit absurd, the truth is that these are the small details that make the difference and can make you look like a connoisseur or make you sin.

There is a great variety of wine glasses, but we must be careful about what type of wine we are serving, what the occasion is and where we are. Although it may seem a lie, yes, these are aspects that can play in our favor or against us. It all depends on how the circumstances take us.

What glasses are used for red wine?

The glasses we know today have designs and particularities that help define which is the best, depending on the type of wine we are drinking. In the case of the most appropriate glasses for red wine, there are those from Bordeaux and Burgundy. Yes, they are two special places with this type of glasses. We can appreciate in their design that there is much more altitude, the only thing that can be contradictory is that the bowl does not have such a large length. The idea behind these glasses is that they can receive wines such as: merlot, for example, with good body.

It is almost always recommended that the red wine be served in large bowl glasses so that it provides the opportunity to immerse the nose a little in the glass, so that the aromas of the drink can be perceived in a better way.

Which is the best wine glass?

You have to play with a perfect balance between the type of wine you are going to drink and the glass you are choosing. Obviously, the best thing to keep in mind is that we cannot serve a white wine in a wide bowl or a red wine in a small bowl. We already know that this would be a serious mistake.

Ideally, if we are talking about red wine, focus on the use of the Bordeaux glasses that we have already explained better how it is and on the Burgundy glasses. The latter shows us that they are for wines that have a little lighter body, but that can also give us the opportunity to smell better.

Which glass is used for rosé wine?

We might think that rosé wine is one of the least used, but the truth is that it can serve as an extraordinary companion for certain appetizers or for some meals that are not so strong. Generally, this type of wine tends to be used in tall glasses, but have a small bowl, as it does not deserve so much sniffing.

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