How to use the scalemeter?

Perhaps at some point in life we have come across some scalemeter, yes, most likely we have not even noticed it. More than anything this was a tool that we used in school or university, especially for those subjects that had to do with technical drawing. Now, it is a fact that not everyone knows how to use it, so here we will show you how to use a scalemeter, it can be something very simple, but it needs its technique.

First we must know what a scalemeter is, that’s the name of a ruler that is very particular, this is because it has a transversal one that is triangular in shape, this has been designed in this way so that you could have different scales in the same ruler and that it would not be necessary to use several at the same time. Mostly, this type of ruler is used for technical drawing or other engineering and architectural subjects.

Steps to use a scalemeter

To learn how to use a scalemeter, we need to follow the steps listed below:

1. First of all, we must know that a scalemeter contains several scales, so we have to become very familiar with it, so it will not be the same as working with a normal ruler.
2. With a normal ruler, we are going to measure the dimensions of an object, this we write down as in a kind of map of that object.
3. In order to use the scalemeter we must substitute some data in the following formula, x:1 we will convert it into 2:1.
4. Taking into account what is the result we need, we will have to take the sketch that we had done before to other scales and this is what we will do with the scalemeter, depending on which are the scales we want to transform it to.

Tips on how to use a scalemeter

There are several tips that can help you on how to use a scalemeter, but we can rely on the following:

  • The main thing is that you can have control over normal or simpler rules, once this happens you can start to familiarize yourself with the scalemeter, but you must go step by step.
  • Later, you will have to begin to investigate on the different scales to thus be seeing which is the type of transformation that they make and thus you know the way in which you can use it for your projects.
  • The most recommendable is that the scale that you use is a metal one. This way you will avoid failures in your work and waste your time.

Conclusions about how to use a scalemeter

We already know that a scalemeter is a very special rule that has different scales that are not seen in other rules. It is a great tool because it allows us to do work without having to go and use more elements. What is recommended for its use is the study of scales, besides seeing how we can work with it.

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